How do you consistently provide clients with a good experience on their ‘customer journey’? We start a series of blogs on this subject with a look at INTEGRATION of systems and processes. This is the key and without it, everything falls apart and no one is happy. Here are five common issues:

Five tips on INTEGRATION of systems and processes

  1. Don’t say on your recorded message to queuing customers that ‘an advisor will be with them shortly’ unless you know for certain they will be – it irritates beyond measure to be kept waiting for a further hour! Word your message honestly and integrate your IVR message system so you can offer a call back facility.
  2. Once a customer has got through to an advisor they hate being told they’ll have to hang up and ring in again to speak to a colleague who works in the same company – integrate your phone system to avoid this.
  3. Now that customers use self-service for more simple tasks and transactions, it’s often only when they have a problem that they contact direct. At that point, they will probably expect the advisor to already know all the steps they have taken so far and want a solution FAST. This requires integration of all your channels in real-time, so advisors have the full customer history at their fingertips.
  4. Integrate inbound and outbound so that you can blend advisors to suit peaks and troughs in traffic. They can switch activities, if one campaign is quiet, to another. Automate information so that managers know when to swap around, based on SLAs (service level agreements).
  5. Managers should be able to accurately forecast, schedule and monitor all channels – they need fully-integrated performance management tools to do this.

Ensure that the technology you choose to achieve integration is robust, flexible and will evolve with the needs of the contact centre.

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