There are usually four main reasons why contact centres don’t perform as well as they should: Budget, IT, People and Time. Next generation multichannel technology can help resolve these issues, both in business terms and with your customers.

Use next generation multichannel tech so it all fits together

The latest contact centre software capabilities offer great benefits to multichannel users because they provide flexibility and integration in a changing environment.

Next generation multichannel contact centreNext generation software can help you climb to where you need to be, both in business terms and with your customers:

1. Budget: our commercial frameworks benefit your business because you have choices. rostrvm works on-site or hosted in the cloud and can be acquired on a capex, opex, subscription or pay-per-use basis. We provide full support and training. With Cloud you only pay for what you use and can scale up or down to meet demand. Cloud is therefore a great way to trial new services and campaigns.

2. IT issues: Why throw away your existing investment when you can enhance it cost effectively and with minimal risk? Our next generation software overlays legacy architecture. Processes and departments also need to be joined up, so as well as increasing functionality rostrvm will integrate your systems. If you use cloud, you can plug into new technologies like IoT, AI, mobile chat and social analytics.

3. People: do more and optimise resources by using rostrvm to enable your people to work anywhere, anytime, through any channel. Utilise AI in combination with automated processes to channel shift, reducing the volume of traffic inbound. For example, use a chatbot to help customers with basic tasks online and have FAQs on the same screen. Outbound, our next generation dialler is the compliant way to engage effectively with customers, maximise data yield and contact rates. Use bulk text messaging, perhaps to complete a campaign when other contact methods have proved to be unsuccessful. Utilise Precision Dialling to reach contacts at the right time on the right medium.

4. Time: Next generation performance management capabilities will help you monitor and measure business effectiveness. You can then make informed decisions. For example, you’ll be able to smooth out peaks and troughs in traffic using integrated, multichannel blending, switching advisors to different tasks at the pertinent time. This will help increase agent productivity, streamline staffing and improve customer service. Our powerful analytics will also help you analyse that Dark data, which may be hidden unused in silos across the business but could be a goldmine to help you personalise your customer experiences. Another benefit is that rostrvm powerful call and screen recording across your different media will help your contact centre be fully compliant and proactive.

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