2019 is already busy for us contact centre software suppliers because businesses are increasing their use of automated processes to make improvements both for customers and staff.

What’s next – contact centre software

8 trends for 2019

Next generation contact centre software

  1. While some contact centres want on-site hosting, cloud deployment continues to expand as a way of delivering new services, allowing greater flexibility to scale up or down, and to pilot strategies and ideas.
  2. ‘CX Innovation’ and ‘Transformation’ continue to be buzzwords in the industry as businesses pay attention to mapping their customer journeys and use digital ID via CRM’s to provide a more personalised service.
  3. Delving into next generation data analytics to gain deeper insights into customer preferences is becoming prevalent as contact centres look to personalise their interactions, based on the information they hold.
  4. Companies are also spending more on delving into ‘dark data’, analysing information sitting unused across the business. Some are also using personas – segmenting their customer types into groups, and giving each a fictional character to represent it, in order to tailor a more specific offering to them.
  5. More businesses are focusing on contacting customers outbound, using granular data to set a dialler to reach them in the right place, at the right time, in the right way to engage effectively. Sending relevant texts and messages via popular apps is also increasingly being adopted.
  6. Voice search via consumer services such as Alexa, Siri and Cortana is growing as a way to find information and self-service options generally are being used more widely.
  7. Contact centres are providing self-service in order to give the customer more choice and reduce queues and staff workloads, but it has to be done well. The human voice is still the key asset: there must always be a fast way to get assistance if the self-service customer has an issue. Bots cannot always help and customers want to feel listened to and cared for when they have an enquiry.
  8. More time will be spent analysing ‘VOC’ (Voice of the Customer) and ‘VOE’ (Voice of the employee) interacting on recordings, in order to gain deeper insights into improving the customer experience. Greater use is also being made of screen recordings in this regard.

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