rostrvm contact centre software

This year we’re celebrating 30 years of the rostrvm contact centre software suite. Here we take a look back over some of the milestones.

The Eighties

1986 and Rostrvm was founded in Woking, Surrey – ironically in the same year that Internet Mail Access Protocol was defined, paving the way for email – and IBM unveiled the PC Convertible, the first laptop computer – and look where we all are now!

Rostrvm’s story really begins before that, however, with IDS (Intercom Data Systems), founded in 1981. IDS was an independently-owned software company, supplying software solutions to the telecommunications, financial and helpdesk industry.

A noteworthy innovation by IDS was the Operator Assistance Software (OAS), one of the world’s largest computer-supported telephony applications at the time.

The technology under which OAS operated was the precursor to Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and provided the link between an organisation’s telephony, its information systems and its people. It was essentially the first generation of the rostrvm platform that we see today.

IDS was later renamed royalblue, with two separate operating divisions, Financial and Technologies. rostrvm, the call centre technology platform, came out of Technologies and its CTI platform quickly became a leading player in the telephony software market.

The Nineties

The 1990s were all about growth and the call centre industry expanded from an ‘inbound’ customer service focus to incorporate proactive technologies such as the rostrvm predictive dialler.

The Noughties

Rostrvm Solutions is privately owned and still based in the UK in Woking. Its success is due to unrivalled technical expertise and call centre experience, coupled with a dedication to the needs of its customers. By 2000, when the emphasis was on improving productivity, Rostrvm was already providing technically-advanced products which enabled call centre blending, as well as developing innovative support tools for agents.

Its continued commitment to technological and commercial innovation led to recognition by global consulting firm Frost & Sullivan and the presentation of an award for “Global Excellence in Technology Innovation.

The 20 tens

Rostrvm designs, develops and supports a modular, tightly-integrated contact centre software suite, including multimedia channel handling, scripting and desktop data management applications. All can be deployed either on site, hosted or in the Cloud.

The company retains a strong culture of independence with a clear understanding of customers’ real operational needs, with the aim of being ahead of the game and delivering clear financial benefits. Its software is flexible and can be used with all kinds of hardware and other systems – hosted, on-site or in the Cloud.

Rostrvm has extensive experience and a successful track record in supplying software solutions to some of the largest contact-handling operations in the public and private sectors.

The future

Rostrvm’s award-winning research and development facility allows it to develop products that are future-proof, which is vital with telecommunications. Its products are all configurable to match the needs of each individual customer and offer flexibility, robustness and value for money.

Rostrvm’s workforce, some of whom have been with the company since the beginning, are perfectly positioned to take the company forward and look after its customers. They are a credit to the organisation and testament to the company’s history and commitment to the industry.