Getting your contact centre ready for Christmas? Here’s our festive checklist!

  • Have you loaded the right presents on the sleigh? AKA have you set up your outbound dialler using suitable customer intelligence so you don’t upset people with ‘random, blanket phoning’.
  • We don’t have reindeer dancing in our clouds but poweredbyrostrvm cloud software will still deliver and put a smile on your customers’
  • A bit of tinsel should be the only adornment your desktop needs if you’ve got the right system and apps – throw away those sticky notes!
  • Have a well-programmed ACD to route contacts to the right person – it may be Christmas but they don’t want to speak to Holly, Ivy and every other Tom, Dick and Harry.
  • Make sure your advisors are giving out the correct information – you don’t want customers thinking they’ve been on the Christmas sherry.
  • Let it snow! If it does and it causes disruption, reduce inbound queues by offering customers the chance to leave their number and receive a call back or ‘hang up’ but maintain their position in the queue.
  • Father Christmas has an amazing CRM system to ensure he gets his lists right – have you?
  • It may be Christmas but if you fail to manage your multichannel systems properly you’ll be a real turkey to your customers. Fully integrate social media, web chat etc.
  • Over the festive season customers may well be even busier than usual, so use Precision Dialling to contact them at the best time of day, with the right message and medium to catch their attention.
  • Be the star on the Christmas tree and go that extra mile for your customers – our technology will help you!

Merry Christmas!