Many contact centre challenges are now handled by technology, like personalising the customer experience and process automation.

10 everyday customer scenarios and wishes, the contact centre challenges they present - and solutions …

In a recent study of 8000 consumers, Salesforce found that 75% of customers expect companies to use new technologies to create better experiences.

Contact centre challenges can be reduced and a great Return On Investment achieved.

That’s because, while not quite as spectacular to watch in action as, say, Aladdin’s genie, contact centres who can service the standard wish list of their contacts will appear pretty magical in the eyes of their customers.

Here are 10 everyday customer scenarios and wishes, the challenges they present to the contact centre – and solutions …

1.   Service repair to call about before leave house. Wish it was quick. #selfservice
2.   Navigate 3 sets of roadworks, 2 diversions, 3 children and a change in coffee shop due to refurbishment before 8.30am. Wish I could work remotely. #flexibleworking
3.   Juggle 4 different projects in office while squinting at computer screen. Wish I’d remembered my optician’s appointment yesterday. #automaticreminders
4.   Lunch break never long enough; couldn’t add car hire to online holiday booking so abandoned whole thing. Wish I’d been able to sort problem out fast. #webchat
5.   Driving again. Wish I could remember when my car insurance runs out. #automaticrenewals
6.   Parked up, waiting for children’s club to finish. Bills to pay. Wish I could do it all on my mobile phone. #selfservice
7.   Finally home and got back onto the holiday company online but still can’t make it accept my car hire requirements. Wish I could just speak to someone without queueing! #channelshift
8.   Can’t believe I rushed to the phone, only for it to be the same, annoying sales message. Wish I’d told Ofcom. #compliantoutbound
9.   Spoken to insurance company but got passed around several departments and had to repeat myself until hoarse. Wish they were up with the times! #CRM
10. Bed time. Wish I could claim back the two hours of my life wasted today trying to communicate. #rostrvmsolutions

Perhaps ACD should really stand for ‘abracadabra!’ Why not conjure Rostrvm up to automate your customer interactions and tackle your contact centre challenges? We’re in the real world and can really make a difference with our software for #customerengagement.

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