MULTICHANNEL Trust Rostrvm to provide business-focused, joined-up
solutions for your multichannel contact centre.
Blend and cross over channels to engage with your contacts
and provide a seamless service on-site or in the cloud.
IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE We simplify your existing call centre and back office processes
so that they play well together.
Our technology has been developed so that you don’t
have to replace your existing systems. Just make them
work in harmony.
SIMPLICITY Simple interfaces and dashboards that provide a
single customer view.
Straightforward, flexible solutions for your changing needs.
USER-FRIENDLY Intuitive interfaces and business tools that delight both
users and customers.
Helps you serve customers at the right time, in the right way.

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“For team leaders the management information is useful in one to one reviews. It allows us to easily show how Officers are performing as individuals and in comparison with the team.”
London Borough of Wandsworth
“It is crucial that the technology infrastructure that we operate reflects the same ability to move quickly to take advantage of any opportunities. The rostrvm product is ideally suited for that environment.”
Asia Risk Technologies

“The rostrvm system offers flexibility with the way we handle customers calls with the automation of specific transactions, intelligent routing, means we can do more without having to spend more!”

Financial services customer

“There are numerous advantages to having a shared service with rostrvm; firstly, contact centre advisors can work at any of the three sites, whichever is convenient, and they can also work from home. This provides massive flexibility.”

EK Services
“You and the team at Rostrvm helped me solve a problem caused by a third party within 2 hours and without mentioning that it wasn’t your API changed. Your help was much appreciated.”
Support user

“By bringing in the rostrvm system we’re saving a phenomenal amount ofmoney. It’s the project that gives the biggest value for money in Midland Heart now.”

Midland Heart
“The callback facility means that our customers perceive that they are getting a high quality service whilst giving us the control to handle the call volumes.”
London Borough of Wandsworth
“The dialler solution ensures productivity and structure for our agents, whilst it provides the business with reporting in order to lever performance and maximise our campaign strategy.”
Fidessa group PLC
“Working with rostrvm has been very straightforward. They have taken the time to understand what we need and delivered exactly what we need.”
Nottinghamshire County Council

“The main benefit of working with Rostrvm is having the luxury of being at the captain’s table of a smooth sailing ship. Representatives from the most senior level were willing to listen to our requirements and help tailor rostrvm to our exacting business requirements. That’s such an essential ingredient for us.”

XLN Telecom Ltd
“We would recommend rostrvm to another call centre and we have other companies come to our site to see it in action – it’s a great piece of kit which suits our needs”
First Choice Holidays
“rostrvm has given us the opportunity to talk to more people and therefore convert a higher ratio of insurance quotes”
Autonet Insurance
“rostrvm has given us the opportunity to talk to more people and therefore convert a higher ratio of insurance quotes.”
Autonet Insurance
“If you have a new idea, Rostrvm will make it work. Their applications open up so many new avenues for us and ensure we stay ahead of the game…”
One-Sure Insurance
One of our customers used rostrvm DeskTop on a mixture of legacy applications and has reduced the time and hassle required to handle a data entry and processing task from 12 minutes to 45 seconds!
“The Customer Service Centre isn’t just about handling large volumes of calls efficiently; it’s about taking ownership and dealing with customers’ problems effectively”
Nottinghamshire County Council
“We are delighted with the increase in productivity overall, and the improvement in customer satisfaction levels and staff motivation.”
Canterbury City Council

“We cannot speak of the poweredbyrostrvm cloud system highly enough. It has changed the dynamic of my team beyond words.”

Bouygues Energies & Services
“We called on a number of technology suppliers to see what they could offer and chose Rostrvm because they could provide everything we needed at a very competitive and cost-effective price.”
EDF Energy
“We are pleased with the way the project is going and look forward to a long-term relationship with rostrvm”
“rostrvm CallGuide technology allows us to capture information from people who are phoning us, emailing us, dropping in to see us, faxing us or sending an SMS.”
London Borough of Wandsworth

Rostrvm Solutions Limited is an innovative UK-based company that designs, develops and supports customer service hub software for the contact centre and back office.

We have been implementing customer contact solutions for nearly 30 years. In that time we have seen the call centre’s role expand to accommodate ever increasing customer service expectations. Our flexible, robust applications allow our customers to work profitably, productively, efficiently and with accountability.

Start from scratch or use rostrvm to work in harmony with your existing technology and add new features at a fraction of the cost of other suppliers.

Latest news

Planning tools

In the often-complex contact centre and ‘back office’ environments getting the basics right is essential. Our planning tools provide you with free guidance.

Do you need to know how many people you need to handle your incoming calls and meet your service level targets? Do you need to know how much abandoned calls are costing your business?

Our free contact centre planning tools give you the answers.

Our consultants are frequently asked a number of questions. How many calls can I make with a predictive dialler? How many agents do I need to contact a given number of customers per week? I have 40 agents, how many contacts can I make per day?

Do you need to know the fundamentals of building an effective, compliant predictive dialler campaign?

Our free contact centre dialler planning tools give you the answers.

As customers elect to use multiple contact channels such as email, text messages, web chat and Twitter the planning task becomes more complex. One of the common questions when planning a multichannel contact centre is “How can I work out my average speed to answer for emails, tweets, text messages..?”

And as ‘callers’ shift channels you will need to blend different activities.

Our free calculators support your blended contact centre planning.

Customer interactions don’t always end in the call centre. Our Back Office calculator guides management of the subsequent workload such as preparing contract documentation or processing insurance claims.