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  • Predictive dialler

    rostrvm Outbound is a platform independent predictive dialler. It supports structured, multimedia automated outbound contact to ensure you meet commitments to your customers and stay in touch.

    • Supports predictive dialling, progressive dialling, and preview dialling modes for flexibility and productivity.
    • Uses advanced dialling algorithms in association with real-time information about your call centre to optimise outbound activity.
    • Builds customer contact rates and business conversions with precision dialling.
    • Integral scripting to ensure that when you make contact you  arm your team with the right information, follow process and say the right thing at the right time.
    • Blends telephone, text message (SMS) and email contact.
    • Sophisticated campaign management, management information and agent analytics tools ensure optimal performance with a personal touch.
    • Meets Ofcom, Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)  guidance as well as EU directives on nuisance calls and distance selling.

     The rostrvm predictive dialler ensures that you meet commitments to your customers and maximise your opportunities with well managed proactive telephone calls, text messages (SMS) and emails.

    And rostrvm OutBound is one element of the comprehensive rostrvm call centre software suite. Using inbound intelligence also allows contact centres to utilize their calling agents more effectively, because they are less likely to be waiting around to speak to customers.

    Our paper, “Using intelligence from inbound communications to optimise dialling campaigns” is available here.

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