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    Everywhere we go we see team leaders spending time monitoring overall activity and – to maintain an overall service balance – moving people from one task to another.

    rostrvm ResourceBroker automatically fine-tunes the balance between real-time resource availability and current demand across multiple media and multiple tasks.

    • Continuous monitoring of critical performance criteria with dynamic allocation of resources based on business rules.
    • Flexible business rules can be employed to meet operational targets, service levels and staff motivation needs.
    • Supports multiple media- inbound & outbound phone calls, emails and other contact types together with back office tasks.
    • Extensive real-time and historical, management information provides instant feedback and the planning data for the future.

    ResourceBroker ensures that your call centre makes best use of available resources to reach your business objectives, meet your service level targets, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and manage team performance.

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