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    You are answering calls efficiently, but how do you know you are providing an effective service?

    Call recording is a valuable tool to support the call centre monitoring process. rostrvm AuditLog is our server-based voice recording system delivering quality monitoring functions to complement inbound and outbound call handling.

    • Fully integrated with the rostrvm Management Information database.
    • Powerful, user-configurable call retrieval search engine to let you analyse calls in the way that your business needs.
    • Automated archiving to off-line storage media to protect your recordings.
    • Recordings are retrieved in PC format for playing with standard desktop software and for easy onward transmission – for example via email.
    • Integrated with desktop process management tools for intra-call control – for example turning off recording when collecting credit card details.

    I already have a voice recorder ….

    That’s not a problem. The rostrvm ethos is to work with and enhance your current technology. Our core engine is integrated with a wide range of recording systems from leading providers such as Red Box Recorders, Verint and Storacall.

    For example rostrvm CallDirector is used to augment call recorder information with business data such as transaction reference data; you may need recording to be ‘paused’ at certain points in the transaction to meet PCI DSS compliance or to meet the requirements of other bodies such as the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

    What about screen recording, speech analytics other features?

    Our native voice recording product, rostrvm AuditLog,  is a voice recorder, plain and simple. It does what it does well but does not directly offer screen recording, speech analytics and other leading edge features. But as mentioned above rostrvm integrates with a wide range of recording technologies from other manufacturers and we would be happy to work with you in selecting the appropriate technology.

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