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    Rostrvm Solutions Limited – Rule of ThumbRules of thumb

    We frequently have conversations with customers along the following lines “I’m thinking about a new facility. Before I undertake the detailed planning I just need a rough idea about….”.

    Our “Contact Management Rules of Thumb” provide broad-brush answers  to Frequently Asked Questions based on a combination of mathematical analysis and empirical evidence from real-world users.

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    Rostrvm Solutions Limited – ResearchResearch

    To ensure that our products and services meet real-world customer contact and back office needs Rostrvm Solutions sponsors surveys into current and future operational issues. Our research findings associated commentary is available to you.

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    Rostrvm Solutions Limited – In Our OpinionOpinion

    Our opinion section provides insight and our view of  current and future customer management issues.

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    Rostrvm Solutions Limited – LinksLinks

    Our links page provides access to useful resources from regulatory bodies and influential organisations.

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