How to make multichannel efficient with a dialler

Customers expect to be able to choose how they communicate with contact centres now and are even switching between channels such as phone, email, text message, chat and social media to discuss a single requirement. Service advisors therefore need systems that allow them to see a customer's messages across all these channels in one place,

Rostrvm Solutions focuses on Service with new appointment

Mike Boyle has joined Rostrvm Solutions, the contact centre software developer, as Operations and Service Manager. He oversees all aspects of rostrvm service delivery at the project, customer support and customer relationship levels. This includes leading the Support Desk, Project Management, Technical Consultants and Software testing teams. Mike explains, “Customers expect projects to be delivered

Rostrvm in winning partnership with Aquira

Contact centre software provider Rostrvm Solutions has partnered with Aquira Ltd, specialists in direct marketing services, to build the UK’s only end-to-end outsourced sales service under one roof. Aquira has now launched its in-house, managed dialler service for numerous clients across multiple channels and sites, based at its Sales Lab in Glasgow.

Rostrvm strengthens its Customer Support team

Calogero Sapia has joined Rostrvm Solutions as a Customer Support Executive and looks forward to bringing a fresh perspective and strengthening the Support team’s offering to clients.

Lee Ward joins Rostrvm Solutions

Lee Ward has joined Rostrvm Solutions as a Business Development Manager. Lee has been involved in the contact centre industry for 20 years and we asked him why he chose to work at Rostrvm and what customers can expect.

rostrvm 9 addresses customer service challenges

Contact centre software developer Rostrvm Solutions has launched rostrvm 9, an innovative platform that supports the call centre transformation into a customer service hub by providing exactly the tools and functions needed.

White Paper on precision dialling published

Rostrvm Solutions, the UK software provider, has researched contact centre operations and analyzed millions of calls over several years and has now published some significant findings for all who want to improve profitability and customer satisfaction. Its White Paper ‘The future of outbound is precision dialling’ focuses on today’s contact centre challenges and shows how to use Precision dialling to obtain break-through results and achieve much higher success rates.

Rostrvm Solutions promotes successful customer service at BIBA

Rostrvm Solutions, the customer service hub software provider, is showing visitors how to make more effective customer contact at its stand at the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) Conference & Exhibition.

Rostrvm’s survey shows contact centres slowed down by wrong technology

Rostrvm Solutions’ latest survey of UK contact centres has found that staff productivity is being hampered by having to battle with too many desktop applications. The research has also uncovered revealing facts about where and how Social Media is being used to interact with customers.

ISO Quality award

Contact centre software provider Rostrvm Solutions has been awarded BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and the TickIT Guide Version 5.5 for the design, development, testing, installation, support and maintenance of software products, applications and professional services.

Rostrvm Solutions launches Call Centre Calculator app

Rostrvm Solutions, the UK contact centre software provider, has launched a handy and useful call centre calculator app for mobile devices, to assist busy managers in calculating inbound call centre staffing needs.

Respect customers or risk losing everything

Does the name Richard Herman ring any bells? He might be a customer of yours – or he might be on your list of potential customers. What you should know though is that he has just won his argument against AAC, which sells referrals to management companies, for receiving nuisance cold calls.

Rostrvm and Equity Insurance Partnerships produce fine performance

Equity Insurance Partnerships, one of the UK’s leading providers of insurance solutions to affinity partners, has seen an increase in productivity since installing rostrvm Outbound predictive dialler and rostrvm CallGuide in its dedicated outbound contact centre.

Taking the pain out of Operations

It might be easy to imagine the perfect contact centre design, which provides a comfortable but functional and enjoyable place to work – but, unless you are a ‘techy’ it’s much harder to come up with your ideal contact centre technology ingredients … that magical mix that gives customers and staff the ‘feel good’ factor they deserve.

Breaking down web to call centre barriers

Woking & Norwich (UK) – August 2009. Today’s consumer expects excellent service every time they get in touch with a business. Rostrvm Solutions and ServiceTick Limited have combined technical forces to capture instant customer feedback from web interactions and translate information into call centre action.

Making complicated processes simple

Contact centre software developer and systems integrator, Rostrvm Solutions, has launched rostrvm DeskTop, which builds upon elements from its successful application for the call centre, rostrvm CallGuide. Both products make complex IT systems easy to navigate and save time because they bring everything together in one place.

Rostrvm Solutions strengthens its team and message

Tiziana Giardina has joined contact centre software developer Rostrvm Solutions as Sales and Marketing Development Manager.

Rostrvm Solutions announces further growth and moves to new premises

Rostrvm Solutions has announced its results for the last financial year which show continued growth. Turnover increased by more than 10% with a corresponding rise in profitability.

Putting intelligence into dialler campaigns

Complying with the latest regulatory guidelines whilst striving to achieve targets on outbound campaigns is often a tough challenge for contact centres. Rostrvm Solutions, leading provider of contact centre software applications, says that using intelligence from inbound communications can not only aid compliance but also achieve a significant increase in outbound contact success.

Share the good news! – Rostrvm Solutions is sponsoring the London & South East Contact Centre Awards dinner

Rostrvm Solutions, leading provider of contact centre software applications, is sponsoring the London & South East Contact Centre Awards dinner, on 25 May.

Blending helps public sector contact centres improve & save

Many organisations, particularly local authorities and others in the public sector, are under pressure to deliver services at a significantly reduced cost, due to spending cuts. Rostrvm Solutions, contact centre software developer, looks at ways to lessen the impact on the customer.

Public sector call centres lagging behind private sector

Woking (UK) – February 2009. Research carried out by Rostrvm Solutions has shown that public sector call centres are not making the most of technology such as Computer Telephone Integration (CTI).

2012 – time to ring the changes

As contact centres contemplate the tough economic marketplace of 2012, the agenda will be about how to work with ‘austerity’ and turn it into prosperity. Successful companies will be those who maximise their existing resources and plan carefully to ensure they are well positioned for the future. Rostrvm Solutions, contact centre software developer, believes it’s entirely possible to achieve a lot more with less.

25 years solid experience powers software developer Rostrvm Solutions

As Woking-based contact centre software developer Rostrvm Solutions celebrates 25 years we asked Ken Reid about the ingredients of its success and how it has seen off more than one recession!

Knowledge is power and happy customers – Rostrvm partners KPS

To retain customers and be competitive, contact centres need to overcome obstacles to providing excellent standards of customer service. This has to be high on the agenda for any business, particularly now, as unhappy customers have so many channels on which to air their complaints about a company – and competitors to turn to.

IISAS and Rostrvm Solutions – Delivering intelligent contact solutions

Rostrvm Solutions Ltd and IISAS Ltd have announced a new partnership combining IISAS’ specialist technical services with the rostrvm suite of applications. Together they deliver end-to-end customer contact solutions that make call centres, contact centres and back office operations work efficiently and effectively.

Rostrvm at the Midlands Contact Centre Forum

Rostrvm Solutions, which develops and supports software applications for the contact centre and back office process management and reporting, sponsors the Midlands Contact Centre Forum (MCCF) and is speaking at its Regional Forum on Tuesday 18th October hosted by Autonet Insurance Group.

Rostrvm supports contact centre excellence

Trying to achieve excellence for your customers has never been more important than now, with increased competition and tough economic conditions. With this in mind, Rostrvm Solutions is sponsoring the 6th Annual North West Contact Centre Awards, which rewards such excellence.

Kevin Hine joins Rostrvm Solutions

Kevin Hine has joined Rostrvm Solutions as a Software Engineer. In light of his extensive call centre experience we asked him why he chose to work with Rostrvm and what customers can expect.

Discover flexible software

Discover Leisure plc, a premier outdoor leisure retailer specialising in the caravan and motorhome market, has maximised its resources and saved on installation time by adding rostrvm software to existing communications technology.

Perform better with rostrvm training

As part of its training package, UK-based contact centre software developer, Rostrvm Solutions is introducing new certified qualifications. In addition, Rostrvm is pleased to welcome Ben Alexander to its Training team.

Rostrvm Solutions’ customer – Telefocus – finalists at Contact Centre Innovations Awards

Telefocus Limited, an outsourced call centre provider of high performance inbound and outbound campaigns, was a finalist at The Contact Centre Innovation Awards 2011. Telefocus utilises the rostrvm CallDirector ACD inbound call handling software and outbound dialler service from Rostrvm Solutions.

Brookson and Rostrvm enhance the sales experience

Contact centres are facing increasing pressure to provide excellent customer service but keep the length of calls viable at the same time. Contractor Accountant Brookson has achieved this by implementing scripting tools from Rostrvm Solutions on the agent’s desktop, to support them with individual calls. Furthermore, Brookson has greater flexibility in the way it pays for services such as this.

Time saved is money earned

Affinion International, part of the Affinion Group, has opened an in-house outbound contact centre and expanded its outbound contact on behalf of its customers beyond expectations – and within a very short timescale – after installing software from UK-based Rostrvm Solutions.

Contact centre excellence – imagine it, achieve it

Customer contact services have experienced a significant change in what their customers expect and the way that they want to do things over the last few years. Whilst economic pressures mean contact centres are forced to ‘do more with less’, customers are more prepared to complain, negotiate and demand. Added to this is the growing familiarity with the internet and other social media – creating a need for investment in a much wider range of communications channels to remove the walls between business and customer.

Homeworking saves costs for council

Contact centres which are using a VoIP-enabled system and broadband to allow their staff to work at home are reaping the benefits, especially during wintry conditions.

Rostrvm Solutions sponsors ‘Best Contact Centre Improvement Strategy’

Britain’s struggling economy has meant that contact centres are having to compete even harder for business. They are expected to provide ever-higher standards of customer service whilst simultaneously cutting costs and maximizing every single resource. It is, quite literally, a tough call.

Achieving more; spending less

Recession. Tight budgets. Efficiency savings. These words ring in the ears of every call centre manager constantly and they are under even more pressure to optimise resources with the Government’s Spending Review being announced next month.

Telefocus uses ’future-proof’ call centre software service

Contact centres are increasingly looking for the flexibility of being able to buy the call centre functionality that they need, only when they need it, allowing them to keep up with changing market demands whilst carefully managing budgets.

Contact centre survey highlights opportunities for savings

In a survey carried out by call centre software provider Rostrvm Solutions, over 70% of contact centres relied on back office teams to complete customer transactions, yet nearly half were not measuring operational performance in the back office. Another key finding was that whilst the use of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is increasing, over half of respondents still did not use CTI in their call operations, despite the benefits it offers such as intelligent call routing and improved call handling.

Contact centres snowed under

The fact that our nation has been struggling in the cold, hard grip of snow for much of the New Year has drawn into sharp focus the need for more flexible ways of working.

Demands for change in the contact centre

The contact centre is being bombarded by demands for change from every angle. Drastic changes in the economy have caused everyone to rethink their buying and spending; customers are expecting service faster, better and through a diverse range of media; new regulations continue to be rolled out, affecting how operations are run; and internet technology continues to have a huge impact.

VoIP maturity drives growth

As businesses plan to meet the challenges presented by 2010, one of the items on many Christmas lists is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol technology), in the contact centre.

Q is for Quality, not Queues

In today’s tough marketplace how can contact centres implement a quality system that copes with the evolving needs of the business?

Rostrvm Solutions nominated for technology awards

Rostrvm Solutions has been nominated for ‘The Top 10 Call Centre Technology for 2009’ awards, organised by leading UK online magazine Call Centre Helper, for its rostrvm Outbound contact management and dialler and rostrvm CallGuide scripting software.

New contact centre revolutionises client acquisition

Brookson – the smarter way to work todayBrookson, a leading provider of accountancy, tax advice and support services to freelance contractors and self employed professionals who work in business for themselves, has adopted advanced contact centre technology to support a revolutionary approach to attracting new clients.

Rostrvm Solutions supports South East Contact Centre Forum

Rostrvm Solutions is providing support to the newly formed South East Contact Centre Forum.

Banishing Avoidable Contact to Room 101

‘No news is definitely good news’ in the case of stopping avoidable calls from customers. Reducing avoidable contact will improve efficiency and save both the business and the customer time and money.

rostrvm uses Google Web Toolkit to extend MIS

Woking (UK) – July 2009. The rostrvm call centre Management Information System (rostrvm SuperVisor) has been re-architected to deliver a feature-rich user experience by taking advantage of the latest database and web technologies.

rostrvm reduces virtual call centre deployment cost

Woking (UK) – June 2009. The traditional view of the call centre as a specific place where customer contact takes place is becoming outdated. Increasingly customer interactions happen throughout an organisation combining front-line contact management in multiple locations and back-office support functions.

rostrvm simplifies web-to-call centre links

Woking (UK) – May 2009. Today’s consumer has a wide choice of channels to learn about products and services with the internet becoming a dominant first-point-of-contact for information. But when the customer wants to learn more there is no substitute for person-to-person conversation.

Rostrvm Solutions extends international reach

Woking (UK) – April 2009. Over the past year Rostrvm Solutions, the call centre application provider, has extended its operational territories with implementations in West European and Nordic countries. These new regions add to Rostrvm’s established activities in the UK and Asia.

Rostrvm Solutions supports UK Outbound forum

Woking (UK) – March 2009. Rostrvm Solutions is sponsoring the first ever UK Outbound Planning Forum, organised by the Professional Planning Forum, to be held on Tuesday 28th April 2009 at the Novotel London West in Hammersmith.

Rostrvm Solutions Partners With Red Box Recorders

Strategic partnership will enable call centres to meet essential KPIs including efficiency and improved customer service, as well as ensure FSA and PCI compliance

Most UK call centres are missing out on CTI efficiency gains

CTI is a long-established technology for improving performance but is it being used?

Learn How Call Blending Can Maximise Call Centre Productivity

Rostrvm Solutions will discuss the benefits in a seminar session at Professional Planning Forum

Java call centre CTI – Beyond screen pop and automated dialling

Think of Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) and you probably think about screen popping IT systems and automated dialling. And you might also think CTI is a complex system development. Rostrvm Solutions’ new Java toolbar provides easily-deployable standard call centre CTI functions and more.

One in three local councils say they will not be ready for NI14

41% do not expect to be ready because CRM systems cannot meet the challenge of data collection

Financial Services Providers Missing Out on Online Sales Conversions

Mystery shopper research highlights failure to facilitate person-to-person contact via the web

Rostrvm Solutions enhances call centre software to deliver hosted call centres

Rostrvm Solutions, a leading UK call centre software developer, has further enhanced its call centre software so that it can be used in a hosted pay-for-use environment. Opal, the B2B division of Carphone Warehouse, is the first company to deploy the software to offer a hosted dialler service, which enables call centres to run outbound campaigns from any location that has a phone, PC and good internet access.

Guide for call centres to increase productivity of outbound campaigns

In order to address a gap in call centre industry knowledge, Rostrvm Solutions has published a guide to planning, implementing and executing a successful outbound campaign.

Mitel CTI integration added to the rostrvm contact centre platform

Rostrvm Solutions, a member of the Mitel Solutions Alliance program, has added native support for Mitel PBX platforms to the rostrvm contact centre software suite delivering progressive applications such as automated dialling, data & skills based inbound call distribution, call centre agent support tools, media blending and business driven management information.

61% of call centre agents want better systems for managing calls

Rostrvm Solutions responds with rostrvm CallGuide, an integrated agent support application.

Extending customer contact beyond the four walls of the call centre

New rostrvm release heralds a customer service revolution.

The latest predictive dialler builds customer relationships

The latest release of rostrvm OutBound, the predictive dialler from Rostrvm Solutions, extends the relationship building features available to call centre agents and campaign managers.

EDF Energy launches faster contract processing service

The contract processing department at EDF Energy in Hove has just launched a more efficient way for its new customer contracts to be verified within 15 minutes by using a combination of new technologies including blended call centre technology supplied by specialists Rostrvm Solutions.

SpliceCom and Rostrvm combine to deliver advanced VoIP Call Centre applications

SpliceCom and Rostrvm Solutions Limited, have combined to integrate the rostrvm inbound and outbound call centre applications with SpliceCom’s maximiser business telephone system.

Rostrvm Solutions takes the ‘C’ out of CTI

Rostrvm Solutions Limited, the UK-based call centre software developer, has extended its ‘Switchless Call Centre’ architecture to deliver low-cost, advanced call centre applications through a simple Voice over IP telephone.

Rostrvm Solutions announces SIP-based ‘Switchless Call Centre’

Rostrvm Solutions Limited has announced the latest addition to its portfolio, the rostrvm Switchless Call Centre™