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    Northern Housing Consortium – Customer Contact Centres conference

    Transforming customer service delivery

    12th March, The Studio, Manchester

    Following our successful bid at one of the top Housing and Care Associations in the UK; Rostrvm Solutions is proud to be sponsoring the Northern Housing Consortium – Customer Contact Centres Conference.

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    Use Precision dialling to avoid being a nuisance

    From 6 April the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) no longer has to prove that cold calls or nuisance text messages caused “substantial damage or substantial distress” before they can impose fines of up to £500,000 on companies. It will be down to the ICO to decide when a serious contravention has taken place.

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    poweredbyrostrvm – cloud contact centre

    Have you heard about poweredbyrostrvm – the hosted contact centre service delivered in the cloud by Rostrvm Solutions?

    Whatever your customer contact challenges  you can use  poweredbyrostrvm to become the contact centre you need to be.

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    Changing call charges

    Another thing for you to think about this year is the change in call charges that come into play in just a few months.

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    Predictive dialler compliance

    Predictive dialler use is regulated by Ofcom.  The policy and regulations are kept under review and last autumn Ofcom asked for input from the industry.  Continue reading

    Your plans for 2015: Free tools to help you

    The most popular areas of our web site are the Planning tools and the Rules of thumb. These sections deliver free advice for anyone planning to start a new contact service or enhance a call centre.

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    Your plans for 2015: Flexibility and Security

    In recent months we’ve seen 2 apparently contradictory themes – “I want my call centre to be easy to use with agents working from anywhere” and “I’m worried about security and need to lock down the call centre technology”.

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    Your plans for 2015: Visual IVR

    Customers want to be able to get in touch and they don’t want to get stuck in the usual IVR system, wading through lengthy menu options or ‘speaking’ to a voice recognition system that refuses to understand,

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    Your plans for 2015: Cloud contact centre

    This quiet period between Christmas and New Year is a great time to contemplate what you have told us in our conversations and rostrvm Prophet consulting reviews and to make your plans for 2015. The cloud contact centre is a recurring theme.

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    Happy Christmas and a cracking new year

    We wish you a great Christmas and a cracking 2015.

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    Heritage Health contact centre success with poweredbyrostrvm

    The Telemarketing team at Heritage Health, a private medical insurance broker, have generated some 60% increase in customer “Transfers” since using the poweredbyrostrvm cloud contact centre service.

    Emerson Peacey, Managing Director at Heritage Health, says, “We offer UK Private Medical plans, International Medical Insurance for expatriates and specially-designed schemes for individuals, groups and businesses. With poweredbyrostrvm we’ve managed to increase our telemarketing performance, without using more staff or data, and this is expected to rise still further.”

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    Rostrvm Solutions and Pythagoras offer MS Dynamics CRM

    Rostrvm Solutions, the customer service hub software provider, has teamed up with Pythagoras to provide flexible contact centre and desktop software that’s integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Continue reading

    Aston Villa wins with rostrvm

    Aston Villa Football Club’s Consumer Sales Department, which is supported by technology from Rostrvm Solutions, has won the ‘Best use of Technology’ category at the Midlands Contact Centre Forum Awards Programme. Continue reading

    All the power of rostrvm and MS Dynamics CRM

    If you’re using Microsoft Dynamics and are looking for a high-performing contact centre/desktop solution, we’re pleased to announce that MS Dynamics CRM can now be integrated with rostrvm. Continue reading

    Meet Rostrvm Solutions’ Nick Darke

    Nick Darke has joined Rostrvm Solutions, the contact centre software developer, as a Business Development Manager. He will be instrumental in accelerating the company’s growth through spreading the word about Rostrvm’s innovative products. Continue reading

    How can you improve YOUR contact centre?

    This month, Oscar Rickett of The Guardian wrote an article which suggested that: ‘Customer service is becoming more Kafkaesque by the day, with rounds of Muzak, the endless repeating of your name, address, birth date and maybe name of a childhood pet, the name of the street you grew up on …’ It rightly stated that this leaves people feeling somewhat frustrated.

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    Unified desktop research

    Rostrvm Solutions sponsored the Dynamic Scripting & the Unified Desktop chapter of ContactBabel’s recently published UK Contact Centre Decision-Maker’s Guide 2014.

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    EXPO speakers get to the heart of customer service

    When we visited the recent 2014 Customer Contact EXPO at Olympia, London, speakers were focusing on how to achieve good service and value at EVERY customer touchpoint.

    With customers using everything from mobile, to email to webchat to communicate with contact centres and expecting a fast and helpful response, speakers concluded that technology should play a large part in meeting their needs, as must well-trained staff. Continue reading

    Multi channel consistency

    Having a multichannel environment can involve several departments – IT, marketing, corporate – not just the contact centre. Consistency can only be achieved if everyone involved is briefed properly and methods and processes are integrated. This may sound obvious but it doesn’t always happen. The organisational structure, responsibilities and required skills needed should be considered as one big picture when planning strategy.

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    What should you do about contact centre queues?

    You may have heard about the outrage caused in the past week when a mobile phone company introduced a new charge for contacting its call centre. Basically it’s offering customers the choice of paying an extra 50p to skip the queue when calling customer service.

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    CallGuide Scripting for effective call handling

    Providing scripts to your contact centre team to base their conversations with customers around can really boost their performance in a variety of situations and ensure compliance – and not just during training.

    Scripts can also help to achieve higher first call resolution rates; a  well-informed customer service advisor who is confident about how to handle a call because all the key elements are in their script is likely to make the customers’ experience more positive and resolve the interaction faster.

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    rostrvm News – multichannel developments

    The latest edition of our customer newsletter is available. We look at the latest rostrvm release  which incorporates multi channel features including a suite of Email Supervisor reports allowing call centre managers to better understand service level delivery in the email channel.

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    rostrvm support for Windows 2012 server

    Our latest system update (rostrvm 9.2) adds support for Windows 2012 server. Continue reading

    Responsible dialling, decent rewards

    The direct marketing industry contributes financially to the economy and UK call centres alone employ more than 1 million people. Direct marketing techniques are used by numerous companies to generate business and good campaigns can help consumers find the best… Continue reading

    rostrvm News – multichannel customer contact

    Your contact centre’s purpose has changed from transactional activity to an environment where your customers can contact you for a wide range of reasons and through a variety of communication channels – you can talk to your clients on the phone, by email, text message, chat, social media … the list goes on.

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    Be an impressive contact centre in a crisis

    Gales, floods, illness … disruptions to daily life this winter have massively impacted contact centres, some of which are struggling to cope.

    Call volumes have rocketed – and so have customer complaints, which have become increasingly vocal, through the use of social media.

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    See more about us

    You’ve seen our website…………

    You’ve followed our posts on Twitter…………

    Now you can follow our “Pins” as Rostrvm has now joined Pinterest. Continue reading

    New operations & service manager

    After a period in an interim role Mike Boyle has joined us permanently as Operations & Service Manager. Continue reading

    4 for 14 – Balancing choice, service and cost


    The contact centre’s purpose has changed from transactional activity to one where your customers can contact you for a wide range of reasons and through a variety of communication channels – you can talk to your clients on the phone, by email, text message, chat, social media … the list goes on. Continue reading

    4 for 14 – Social media in the contact centre

    The use of social media in the contact centre has been on everyone’s radar for a long time and as our research shows social media in the contact centre is starting to happen.

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    4 for 14 – Desktop Optimisation

    As simple customer transactions shift channels to  self-service your contact centre “conversations” – phone calls, emails, text messages…. –   become more complex with an ever-increasing proliferation of systems used by the agents to  complete the activity.

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    4 for 14 – Precision Dialling

    One thing that we know for certain is that predictive dialler use will continue be a focus for Ofcom and the  Information Commissioner’s Office; this will drive predictive dialler users to look again at the dialler’s role in customer relationship management.  Continue reading

    4 for 14

    In this short series of articles we will be looking at 4 customer contact trends that we expect to see taking centre stage during 2014.

    We’ll be going into more detail and pointing you to supporting materials and tools over… Continue reading

    Season’s greetings from Rostrvm Solutions

    Season’s greetings from Rostrvm Solutions Continue reading

    Windows 8 and rostrvm

    rostrvm 9.1 includes support for user applications such as rostrvm AdVisor , CallGuide and ControlCentre on Microsoft Windows 8 desktops. Continue reading

    rostrvm 9.1 available

    rostrvm 9.1 is now available with extended features including  a new tool to simplify the creation and management of CallGuide and DeskTop scripts allowing them to be constructed as a graphical flow diagram.

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    Rostrvm: Partner Programme

    Here at Rostrvm Solutions we are committed to developing strong strategic alliances with partners who provide complementary products and services that differ from our core offering.

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    rostrvm News – contact centre dialler answers

    Our latest newsletter is available. As call centres come under increasing scrutiny we look at the tools and resources that can help with predictive dialler performance.

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    Rostrvm calling

    Rostrvm Solutions, customer service hub software designer and developer for the contact centre and back office, is expanding. You may hear new voices on the phone as it has recently appointed two new telesales executives, Simon Gaut and Naila Khan to its growing team.

    Simon Gaut previously spent five years working in a contact centre, working his way up to become the Manager. Naila worked in various Retail Management roles for nine years and then did a year in a Business Development role prior to joining Rostrvm.

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    iPhone app update

    Some users of the iPhone version of our Call Centre Calculator app reported operational problems using the tool with new and updated iPhones. A new version is now available to support iOS 7. Expect to receive notification from the App Store. Continue reading

    rostrvm News: multi channel contact answers

    Our latest newsletter has been published delivering multi channel contact answers. Continue reading

    rostrvm multimedia contact

    Since we published our research into Desktop Applications & Social Media we have seen increased interest in multi-channel contact centre operations – integrating emails and social media with established telephone customer service. Continue reading

    Customer service outside the contact centre

    The contact centre has a long history of managing and measuring activity and rostrvm is a leader in providing facilities to support this key aspect of delivering excellent customer service.

    We know that providing great customer service needs to happen outside the contact centre too. Whilst all contact centres measure performance, many back office operations do not have any criteria or metrics to do the same.

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    rostrvm: the missing contact centre link for Lync

    Microsoft Lync delivers a unified communications environment, connecting people across different locations and multiple media from their PC, phone, browser and tablets. The rostrvm suite of applications complements Lync to provide a comprehensive, purpose- designed platform for contact centre operations.

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    De-clutter the desktop

    One particular issue that affects all parts of a business is managing multiple IT applications on the desktop. Continue reading

    rostrvm 9 launched with Precision dialling

    Increasingly, there are times when contacting prospects and customers promptly is imperative. Continue reading

    Introducing rostrvm 9

    Recently the contact centre’s purpose has changed from transactional activity to one where your customers can contact you for a wide range of reasons and through a variety of media. Continue reading

    Oracle Gold Partner

    Rostrvm Solutions has renewed its membership of the Oracle partner community.

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    rostrvm Newsletter for June

    Our latest newsletter has been published including details of Precision Dialling to deliver effective contact for inbound and outbound contact centres.

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    The right technology to do more with less

    Providing excellent customer service whilst keeping to budget, meeting targets and complying with regulations is a challenge for most contact centres, especially if the type of services required increase.

    This situation happens to many organisations and they find that, although… Continue reading

    Meet us at BIBA 2013

    Meeting the customer service cha££enge

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    Local government case study

    We’ve published an updated case study for Nottinghamshire  County Council’s expanded rostrvm deployment in the Customer Service Centre, the Council’s Business Support Centre and its internal ICT Service desks.

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    Network Answer Machine Detect

    We have joined the newly formed Network Answering Machine Detection (AMD) Working Party as founder members.

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    The Back Office needs to come to the fore in your thinking!

    Our recent survey reviewed how the Back Office is using both Desktop Applications and Social Media.

    Our findings show that, although the Back Office is now handling much more and has become increasingly complex, it doesn’t get monitored so much as the call centre.

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    Predictive dialler regulations

    This month’s rostrvm news reports on a flurry of activity from the regulators surrounding outbound call centres and predictive dialling.

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    Too many desktop applications = lower productivity

    Our recent survey has highlighted that agents are having to battle with a large number of applications to handle call centre telephone calls.

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    Contact centres slow to use social media

    We’ve recently carried out a survey of UK contact centres as part of our research to see where and how Social Media is being used to interact with customers.

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    How has your contact centre coped with the adverse weather?

    We’ve had plenty of reports of difficulties in contact centres because of the snow. Staff have struggled in, some sharing lifts, which often leads to in-day shift changes; some centres have closed early and customers have endured increased queue times.

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    Call centre calculator – how it works

    We have added a video illustration of  our call centre calculator to our video channel.

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    A new voice on the phones

    Tom Fyvie has joined us as a First Line Support Engineer.

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    Rostrvm expands its team again

    Simon Gaut has joined the sales team  at contact centre software developer Rostrvm Solutions.

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    rostrvm News – February 2013

    The February edtion of rostrvm News is available online. If you would like to receive rostrvm news as soon as it’s published please register.

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    Rule of thumb : now in video

    Following user feedback, we have started to provide our ‘Rules of Thumb’ in video.  

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    ISO Quality Audit – the result

    Following a recent audit we have again been awarded BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and the TickIT Guide Version 5.5 for the design, development, testing, installation, support and maintenance of software products, applications and professional services. Continue reading

    The world is changing all the time and so are we!

    We’ve launched our new, easy-to-use web site. Continue reading

    rostrvm Survey – is your desktop a desk tip?

    Last time we conducted our call centre desktop applications survey we found that call centre agents use an average of 4 software applications to process a call.

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    Contact Centre MIS via a blu-ray player

    In our previous post we mentioned that we were waiting for additional devices to test with our Contact Centre management information system….

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    Call centre MI anywhere – a quick roundup

    We’ve been running ocassional  articles describing the wide range of devices you can use to access rostrvm Contact Centre management information, While we wait for Father Christmas to bring us some new toys to try we thought we would share quick roundup of the devices we’ve used

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    Latest newsletter – End of year giveaway….

    Rostrvm Solutions is an active supporter of the Professional Planning Forum. As we approach the end of the year we have a few of our copies of the Planning Forum’s 2012 Best Practice Guide to give away.

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    How do I enhance predictive dialler performance?

    A predictive dialler is a powerful tool for contacting customers and prospects. It is tempting to load your dialler with a list of numbers and  start dialling over and over again until you make contact.

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    Call centre MIS on your mobile phone

    Continuing our series describing the wide range of devices you can use to access rostrvm Contact Centre management information we’ve checked out the latest version of Google Chrome on the iPhone. And as you would expect, just make an IP connection to the rostrvm server, enter your security details and your call centre management information is available to you.

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    Rule of Thumb: How many ACD agents?

    We’ve published our Rule of Thumb: Calculating the number of agents needed in an inbound call centre.

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    Flooded with calls? How to help customers and be cost-effective

    If your contact centre is being flooded by phone calls and messages and you’re short of resources, make sure you’re making the most of your available agents with innovative use of call centre technology. Try these solutions from software developer Rostrvm:

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    Call centre calculator mobile app

    We’ve launched a handy and useful app for mobile devices, to assist busy managers in calculating inbound call centre staffing needs.

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    Systems Test Analyst Wanted….

    As the pace of change in the contact centre and back office increases and our software supports a broader range of technology platforms, media channels and business applications we are expanding our software and system test  team.

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    Call Centre Management Information on the move

    We’ve been running articles describing the wide range of devices you can use to access rostrvm Contact Center management information – from a standard PC to an Internet TV.

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    Rule of thumb: How many trunks?

    We’ve published our Rule of Thumb: Calculating the number of trunks (telephone channels) needed in an inbound call centre.

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    The consumer strikes back!

    Does the name Richard Herman ring any bells? He might be a customer of yours – or he might be on your list of potential customers. What you should know though is that he has won his argument against AAC, which sells referrals to management companies, for receiving nuisance cold calls.

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    Looking forward to the National Best Practice Seminar

    Rostrvm Solutions is sponsoring the Outbound Stream for the Professional Planning Forum’s National Best Practice Seminar being held next week at Old Trafford Football Stadium, Manchester. This is a must attend event for planners and analysts who want… Continue reading

    Contact Management: Rules of thumb

    Implementing a call centre from scratch or making changes and additions to an existing contact management operation requires careful thought and planning.

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    Rostrvm – News and Events

    Our latest newsletter is now available including details of our outbound dialler case study with Equity Insurance Partnerships.

    If you would like to have rostrvm News delivered to your inbox as soon as it is… Continue reading

    Call centre staff honoured at the North West awards

    The winners of the 2012 North West Contact Centre Awards have been announced. Over 450 guests representing 37 companies attended the Hollywood-themed gala dinner, held at the Palace Hotel, Manchester on Friday 12th October – with table wine sponsored by Rostrvm Solutions!

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    Customer is king at Call Centre Expo

    This year’s Call Centre & Customer Management Expo at London Olympia focused on the delicate question ‘if the customer is king, how can the contact centre industry afford to foot the royal bill?’

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    Webinar: Optimising & Managing the Contact Centre Workflow

    The effectiveness of your call centre and its supporting processes can be the difference between a successful business and a failure. The rostrvm suite ensures contact is handled as professionally and efficiently as possible.

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    CallNorthWest Annual Contact Centre Awards 2012

    CallNorthWest’s Annual Contact Centre Awards take place on 12 October, Manchester 2012 – that’s next Friday. We are the table wine sponsor and are looking forward to meeting and greeting old and new friends.

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    Equity Insurance Partnerships Case Study

    Equity Insurance Partnerships has seen an increase in productivity since installing rostrvm Outbound predictive dialler and rostrvm CallGuide in its dedicated outbound contact centre. Continue reading

    Latest news from Rostrvm

    Our latest newsletter is now available including details of our customer contact case study with One-Sure Insurance.

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    Looking forward to call centre expo

    We are exhibiting at Call Centre Expo in conjunction with our partner Adtech Global and Celuis Networks.

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    Taking the pain out of operations

    Gary Thompson, Operations and Support Manager who joined software developer Rostrvm Solutions recently, says, “Successful contact centre solutions include the right price, efficiency, functionality, robustness, user-friendliness … and they’ve all got to integrate and work with other systems.  Not only that but, of course, every business requirement is different so the product has to be configured to match the need. That can be a pretty tall order unless you’re working with suppliers who have got the experience to achieve it all … and then a contact centre still needs a support team who won’t leave them high and dry once installation is complete.”

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    Call Centre & Customer Service Summit

    Once again Rostrvm Solutions will be attending the Call Centre & Customer Service Summit to be held next week @ Stansted airport.

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    See us at Call Centre Expo – Stand H20

    Rostrvm Solutions is exhibiting at Call Centre Expo in conjunction with our partner Adtech Global and Celuis Networks.

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    Ofcom reports that silent call and TPS complaints have trebled this year

    The latest edition of the Telecoms Complaints Bulletin from Ofcom shows that complaints about abandoned and silent calls have almost trebled in recent months. “Since the start of the year, the number of consumer complaints made to Ofcom about silent and abandoned calls has been steadily increasing.”

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    One-Sure Insurance Case Study

    One-Sure Insurance Services is one of the UK’s fastest growing independently owned insurance intermediaries, with offices in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. Its contact centre currently has around 70 staff with 55 seats and there are plans for strong future growth.

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    Aston Villa Football Club and rostrvm

    In the middle of the the London games it’s easy to forget that the Premier League season starts in a couple of weeks.

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    rostrvm News – July edition available

    The latest edition of rostrvm News is available. In this issue we look at new rostrvm facilities that support optimisation of desktop processes. We also tell you more about our expanded team and provide a few dates for your diary.

    We’re looking for a software test engineer to join the team

    As our business continues to grow, the pace of change in the contact   centre increases and our software supports a broader range of technology   platforms, media channels and business applications we are expanding our   software test team… Continue reading

    Rostrvm sponsor CallNorthWest Annual Contact Centre Awards 2012

    Rostrvm sponsor the table wine for CallNorthWest’s Annual Contact Centre Awards on 12 October, Manchester 2012 CallNorthWest’s Annual Contact Centre Awards on 12 October, Manchester 2012

    Rostrvm Solutions strengthens it’s team and message

    Tiziana Giardina has joined contact centre software developer Rostrvm Solutions as Sales and Marketing Development Manager. Read more about Tiziana

    Rostrvm Live Chat

    Rostrvm Solutions have launched Live Chat, go to:- and talk to us!

    National Best Practice Seminar – Outbound Stream Sponsor

    Rostrvm Solutions is the Outbound Stream Sponsor for the Professional Planning Forum’s National Best Practice Seminar being held on 8th November, 2012 at Old Trafford Football Stadium, Manchester. This is a must attend event for planners and analysts who… Continue reading